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Self Service Touchscreen Kiosk

Hospital Queue System

QTX Touchscreen can be custom designed to fit corporate brandings. Customers are able to select the service intended to retrieve a Queue Number. Qtech offers both Physical and Virtual Tickets depending on the corporate needs and requirements. The 8" QTX Touchscreen has a embedded ticket dispenser, a compact form designed for locations with limited space.

The Self Service Kiosk allows customers to select the service intended and retrieve a Physical/Virtual Queue Ticket. The customer enters their mobile number, and a SMS queue ticket will be issued to the customer. The Kiosk can also be used along with the appointment system whereby this kiosk will be used to verify that the customer has arrived for their appointment.

The Queue Ticket contains information such as the Queue Number and the number of person ahead in the queue. The Queue Ticket can be customised with the Corporate Logo, or a QR Code for the customer to scan and be redirected to a link with contains live information on their queue status. (Eg. Live position in Queue, and the counter they are being called at.)

Qtech Self Service Kiosks

Qtech's QTX 27 Self Service Kiosk

This 27 inch Touchscreen is a prominent screen to be placed at the storefront.

Features include:
  • 27 Inch IPS Touch screen
  • Thermal Ticket Dispenser (80mm Thermal Paper)
  • Thermal Camera (+/- 0.5C Accuracy)
  • Bottom Lit LED

Qtech's QTX 8 Self Service Kiosk

This 8 inch Touchscreen is used for stores with a compact space.

Features include:
  • 8 Inch IPS Touch screen
  • Thermal Ticket Dispenser (80mm Thermal Paper)
  • Bottom Lit LED

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