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F&B Queue System

F&B Queue System

F&B queue management system provides efficient and effective queuing process for customers and also to enhance the productivity in terms of achieving the organizational objectives at minimizing operational cost. For instance, the F&B queue system replace staff for taking order from customers, coordination and monitoring of the availability of the table.

At the touch screen kiosk, the customer selects the number of pax so as to receive a queue number ticket in which SMS would be sent to the customer’s mobile phone when his turn to be served is near. In the event the table is available, the restaurant manager calls for the particular queue number. The restaurant manager directs the customers to the available table.

Types of F&B Mode

Fully manual mode allows the supervisor to have full access to select the table service and call for the customer in the event the table is available. The supervisor is fully controlled of which table service to select and decide which table service he wishes to call at the discretion of the supervisor.

The automatic mode allows the restaurant manager to initiate priority setting in terms of availability of table service. The F&B queue system calls for the table service in terms of terms of number of customers according to the priority setting. For example, the table service for 8 may be accorded higher priority than table service for 1.

The restaurant manager can reserve a table in the F&B system for the next customer. For instance, when a table for 2 pax is available, the F&B system calls for the customer’s queue number automatically when the next customer selects the table service for 2 pax and receives a queue number ticket.

The automatic mode also allows the restaurant manager to reserve the table service when it is available via calling for the next longest waiting time customer.

The semi-auto mode does not allow the F&B system to call for the queue number automatically. The restaurant manager/supervisor calls for the next table service which depends on either the priority setting or longest waiting time setting. The restaurant manager calls for the queue number based on the availability of the table service.

Statistical reports with regards to the waiting time of the customer and other information are provided by the F&B queue system.

F&B queue system provides statistical reports which reflect the level of productivity in terms of customer waiting time, time spent on F&B, number of customers and other information pertaining to customer satisfaction.

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