Ticketless Queue System

A smarter queuing number display

The standing queue number display shows the respective counter number when the counter is available via the pressing of the counter switch by the counter staff.

Main Features

Anti-glare Perspex cover.

Supplied with super bright LEDs in bold & italicized, 7 segmented layout with a digit size of 325mm (L) x 225mm (W).

Anodized aluminum finished casing which comes in different colors : Aluminum color or black.

A built-in buzzer/ chime which emits a sound together with the blinking of the LED display to attract immediate attention. As the ‘Q’ number is flashed on the display, it will blink 8 times while the buzzer/ chime is activated for about 2 seconds. Both the duration of sound and vision can be adjusted to suit the environment.

Queue numbers will appear at the "Main Display" either in random or in sequence

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Each counter button is placed at the counter to facilitate the calling of the queue number by the counter staff. The counter button consists of 2 push buttons to facilitate the counter staff to call for the queue number. The upper push button (red color) is pressed to call for the next sequential number each time a customer is served. The lower push button (green color) is pressed to call again for the current queue number when the customer still has not responded.

The counter button is user-friendly as it consists only 2 push buttons which allows the user to utilize the queue management system efficiently and effectively.

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