Standalone Queue System

Standalone queue display management system

The standalone system consists of a Ticket Dispenser, Counter display and a keypad (Number calling device). The ticket dispenser issues ticket and the queue number is called via the keypad and is reflected on the Counter display unit. The Ticket dispenser can issue tickets for 5 differnt types of services.

The queue number blinks and a buzzer is activated to call for the customer’s attention so that he/she proceeds to the serving counter. Queue number is called either in sequence or in random.

The queue numbers of those customers who do not respond can be stored in the keypad and to be re-called later. Upon arrival, a customer is assigned with a queue number printed on a ticket via the ticket dispenser.

Flow Chart

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Operational Procedures

1. Calling for a specific queue number using the ‘ENTER’ key.

Key in the queue number (via the number keys [0] – [9] on the keypad) and press the ‘ENTER’ key (the queue number entered will be flashed on the counter display).

Note: this random queue number which is called does not affect the sequential next queue number in the keypad.

2. Calling the next sequential queue number using ‘NEXTQ’ key.

Press the ‘NEXTQ’ key to display the next sequential number on the counter display.

3. Assigning the next queue number.

Key in the starting ‘NEXTQ’ number via the number keys [0] - [9] and then press the NEXTQ key. The starting ‘NEXTQ’ number will be flashed out in Counter Display and will reassign the sequential next queue number to the new entered number.

4. Store the queue number on the keypad by the “STORE” key

Press the “STORE” key to store the current number shown on the keypad (You may store up to 4 queue numbers.)

5. Recall stored number by F4 key.

Pressing F4 key generates all the stored queue numbers.

In the event the user calls for a particular stored queue number, press the ENTER key. The queue number called is reflected on the counter display and it is automatically removed from the stored list.

6. Clear the entry key of the keypad by the CLEAR key.

Pressing the CLEAR key will clear the display on the keypad.

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