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Advantages of Qtech Sophisticated Queue Management System. The latest version of Qtech queue management system consists of the following advantages.

The queue management software has been re-written using the latest Microsoft technology .net framework which results in the system being user-friendly, stable, robust and compatible with the latest Operating System (OS).

The latest feature of the enhanced professional queue management system is the virtual keypad in which the user derives useful information from the screen such as 'Average Waiting Time', 'Average Transaction Time' and 'Number of Customers Waiting'.

The latest enhanced professional queue management system allows the SMS feature to be incorporated into the system in which the customer's mobile number is linked to the queue number ticket he/she has taken. The software automatically monitors the status of the queue and send SMS alert to the customers while they are in the 10th and 5th position in the queue respectively.

Queue number, counter number, video, TV programme and power-point presentation can be displayed simultaneously on a LCD/Plasma TV.

Colorful graphical statistical reports are generated by the system which provides clear information on variables such as '˜Average Waiting Time', '˜Average Transaction Time' and etc. These informational colorful statistical reports facilitate the reporting to the management in terms of the level in the provision of customer service and the productivity of the staff.

The latest thermal ticket dispenser is a compact and portable device. It consists of a lock-up feature which facilitates the replacement of the thermal paper roll easily and securely.

The LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) of the latest main display and counter display are brighter and clearer than the previous system. The background is almost completely dark when the LEDs are lighted up which enhances the contrast feature.

In the event of power failure, computer failure or switching of the PC accidentally, our professional queue management system is able to resume in issuing the next sequential queue ticket number without the need to reset the system once the power is restored. This feature is of paramount importance as it ensures minimal disruption to the operation, no commotion or arguments among the customers as to who should take the queue tickets which would be encountered for the system without the back-up feature.

Qtech Queueing System Pte Ltd being proprietary manufacturer in queue management system ensures availability of spare parts for its customers unlike other companies which could not provide the full technical support as they are dealing with importing of the equipment or sourcing the spare parts from another company.

The excellent track record of Qtech Queueing System Pte Ltd in providing professional queue management solutions to reputable corporate customers world-wide is a testimony of the popularity and reliability of Qtech's Queue Management System.

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