Our experienced strategic business analysts helps you to define the business and technical requirements of your/clients organization and tailor your solution to meet the related queueing system for your needs.

Qtech Products and Services

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Qtech Queueing System Pte Ltd being the proprietary manufacturer in professional queue management system ensure that all of the systems are up to international standard. All queue management systems are subjected to strict quality control by the QA engineer before the queue management systems are exported or being installed at the sites of customers.

Thorough QA tests are conducted on all of the above hardware and the results of various tests which indicate "Pass" are recorded on the QA form before the queue management is delivered to overseas customers.

Qtech Queueing System Pte Ltd emphasize the importance in delivering excellent customer service and technical support to all of our customers. Customers could contact Qtech 24 hour hotline at (65) 62923423 for technical support. In addition, all of our overseas customers would receive the following manuals so as to assist them to carry out the installation of the professional queue management system successfully.

  • User Manual
  • Installation of Hardware Manual
  • Troubleshooting Manual

As an added enhanced feature in delivering our excellent customer service, Qtech could send our technical manager to fly over to the designated country to test and commission Qtech queue management system upon request by the customer. The consultation and services by Qtech technical manager is free of charge. However, the cost of his airfares and accommodation are to borne by overseas customers or intermediaries.

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