Our experienced strategic business analysts helps you to define the business and technical requirements of your/clients organization and tailor your solution to meet the related queueing system for your needs.

Our implementation service & benefits

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Our expert team of solution engineers works with you to implement , configure and optimize your customer management solution to meet the specific needs according to organisation.

Our implementation service includes

  • Implementation Planning: bring your organisation together to create a defined project of plan.
  • Implementation Program: providing an efficient and effective start through configuring a basic set of reports on to your computer showing dailys ins and outs.
  • Optimisation & Upgrade services: existing customers who either want to upgrade the machineries or software program and maximize their use of current functionality or upgrade to latest release and get up to date on new functionality.

Our benefits

  • Keeps track and forecast the flow of customers
  • Optimum utilization of Staff Resources
  • Constant monitoring of the performance of staff
  • Enhances productivity and morale of the staff as operation ware streamlined i.e. more efficient and systematic.
  • Counter can be stabilized to any service and the system allows the transfer of queue number to other services or counters.
  • Data are constantly back-up , hence in the event of power failure or computer failure , this system will automatically resume in issuing the next sequential queue number when power is restored.
  • Generation of daily and monthly statistical reports to facilitate top management's decision making process.

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